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What's the purpose of the game????
To become the most powerful kingdom by exploring land, building buildings and sending your troops into battle.
What is the fastest way to grow?
If you find a clan to join and participate in epic battles, you will earn much more gold. Your clanmates are also great for providing help in the game.
Why is part of my kingdom grayed out?
The grayed out portion of your kingdom indicates that you have not explored that land yet. You need to explore it to reveal the land underneath.
Why don't I earn income?
Unlike other games, you can only earn gold by attacking other kingdoms.
Is there a bank?
In medieval times, there was no 'bank', so you must buy items and hire allies to save your money.
How do I earn gold?
You can earn gold by battling other kingdoms, performing quests or trading allies.
How much gold do I earn?
The amount of gold you earn depends on the quest/battle you perform. Additionally, the larger number of units you have, the more gold you will gain. allies also bring in gold.
What are allies?
Allies are other players that you can hire. They give you a bonus when you attack or spy, and can be sold for a profit (although we tax each sale, so if you continually buy back the same ally, you'll lose money).
What happens when I reset my profile?

If you reset your profile, you will lose all your existing land, buildings, items, allies and gold. You WILL NOT get any nobility points back that you already spent.

However, you WILL get to keep the following:

  • unspent nobility points
  • permanent items received from pro packs
  • speaker items
  • regeneration crystals

Posting Rules

The following rules are applicable for all publicly posted content (e.g. chat, walls, forums). Failure to adhere to these rules will result in removal of speakers and possible banning:


The forums also have the following additional posting rules. Please see the forum Rules of Conduct for further information.


What is the benefit of allies?
Allies enhance your strength. They can also be sold to make a profit. When you sell an ally, you get back the original amount you paid plus a portion of the profit (although we tax each sale, so you'll lose money if you keep buying back the same ally). They also increase the amount you gain from winning a battle (this is capped by how much gold your own army can bring in).
Do I get anything if I am bought?
If you are bought, you get a portion of the profit. This amount is limited to $1 million.
How many allies can I own?
You can own 250 allies. You can buy more in the store. See the News Forum for details.
When an ally leaves the game (due to a reset or inactivity), how come I only get a portion of the amount I paid back?

This is to prevent a loophole that can be exploited to generate infinite income.

For example, take 2 players (player A and player B) and an ally. If player A and B buy the ally from each other over and over again (known as volleying), they will make money. If the ally then resets, the final owner (let's say player B) will get his final purchase price back, and player A will have kept all the money he made.

Thus the final refund price on a reset must be adjusted by the profits made up to the point of reset.

How much money do I get back when I drop an ally or an ally leaves the game?
The amount that you receive from dropping an ally is 60% (that's 60% of the value you purchased them at, not 60% of their current value). Also, there is no infinite money loophole. Allies drop in value after they are dropped, but their value is higher than the refund amount.


What are defensive buildings?
Defensive buildings add to your defensive stats. They will never get weaker, but they do not help you bring in gold in a battle.
How can I make my building stronger?
You can upgrade your building by clicking on the building you wish to upgrade on the Kingdom page.


When are defensive items used?
If you have defensive items, one of each item in your inventory is automatically used whenever someone attacks you.
How do you use offensive items?
If you have offensive items, you will be prompted to choose the items you with to use prior to attacking or performing espionage someone.
What are permanent items?
Permanent items are items that remain around forever. They give you a permanent enhancement to your strength.
What is equipment?
Equipment is a special kind of permanent item. Equpiment will enhance your strength only if it is equipped. You may check and equip your equipment from your profile. You will lose all equipment you have on reset.
What is enchantment?
Some equipment can be enchanted with magical power. When enchanting your equipment, it has a chance to gain additional bonuses. However there is also a chance having the bonus decreased. Enchanting is performed by the Mage, which is unlocked by Level 3 Castle.


Why did I lose a battle?
Whenever you fight a person, there is a probability that you will lose. Even if you are stronger than the person, you still have a small chance of losing the battle. To see the chances of you winning a battle, you must scout them.
How come I lost more soldiers than my enemy even though I won?
You lost more soldiers because they gave their lives to ensure your victory. By having more troops when you enter into a battle, you may lose more units but at the same time your chance of victory is higher.


Why does the difficulty of a quest keep changing?
The difficulty of a quest is based on your current strength. If you lose soldiers due to quests or battles, the difficulty of the quests will increase. If you regenerate units, the difficulty of the quest will decrease.
What do you get from quests?
Quests give you gold and on rare instances nobility points and items.


How do you get points?
You can get points by completing quests. Every so often, quests will give you 1 nobility point. Points are also rewarded when you achieve certain goals throughout the game.
What are points used for?
Points can be exchanged for gold or unit regeneration. Some items can only be purchased with points. Items bought with points cannot be sold for gold.

Clans & Wars

What are clans?
Clans are groups of players that can chat privately, co-operate and participate in wars together.
How do I create a clan?
Clans can be created from our iPhone app, or from the website ( On iPhone app, tap on the clan button on Home Tab. Or from the website, click on the Clan tab after linking your kingdom and logging in. You will see the option to create a clan if you are not in a clan.
How do I join a clan?
You request to join a clan, and a clan admin or owner can accept you into the clan.
What are wars?
Wars are battles between two clans that last for various durations.
How do wars work?

Wars work as follows:

  • Wars are requested by one clan to another clan
  • The requested war can either be a Skirmish, Battle or War or a short, medium or long war.
  • The challenged clan has a short amount of time to respond to the challenge before it expires.
  • 3 admins (or less if there are fewer) on the challenged clan must accept the war for the war to start
  • Wars start several hours after the request is made, depending on the war type.
  • Wars last 12hrs-2days hours after the war starts depending on the war type.
  • Wars challenges can be made with the roster locked. After the war starts, no more users can be accepted into the clan.
  • A war can be forfeited only after half the duration is complete, and only by the losing clan.
  • Only the initial requesting user and accepting admins start as active in the war.
  • To become active in the war, you must attack/spy on an active member
  • During the war, 40% of plunder (war tax) for each attack/steal on active war players will be taken from each team
  • At the end of the war, plunder collected during the war (i.e. the war tax amount) will be distributed to the winner
  • Winnings are distributed based on the contribution of a member in the war
  • Mithril, a rare and powerful commodity, is given out after the war based on your contribution and number of actions.
  • Inactive members may get a small portion of winnings, dependent on how much of the pot is left after active player distribution.
  • During the war, active members are limited to 6 regenerations (using crystals or points) per 24 hour period
  • During the war, any active member can attack any other active member (no level restriction)
  • Once you become active in the war, you remain active until the war is over.
  • If you wish to leave the war and you are active, you must leave the clan. Your contributions during the war are removed when this happens.

Epic Battles

What are epic battles?
Epic battles are group missions you can do with your clan members.
How can I participate in epic battles?
First of all, you need to join a clan in order to be able to browse and participate in epic battles.
How can I start an epic battle?
Only an owner or admin of a clan can start an epic battle.
How do epic battles work?

Epic battles work as follows:

  • Only 1 clan admin is required to start an epic battle.
  • An epic battle starts 15 minutes after it has been started.
  • When you perform any action in the mission, you automatically join the epic battle.
  • The duration of an epic battle varies.
  • A clan admin can forfeit the epic battle any time.
  • If your clan completes the mission within the time limit, there will be extra rewards.
  • Rewards are distributed based on the contribution of a member in the epic battle
  • During each epic battle, players are limited to 6 regenerations (using crystals or points). If an epic battle lasts for more than 24 hours, players can use 6 regenerations per 24 hour period.
  • Once you become active in the epic battle, you remain active until the epic battle is over.
  • Leaving your clan will also cause you to leave an epic battle if you're active in one. If a player leaves an epic battle and later rejoins it, their regeneration limit will not be reset, and any of the player's previous efforts in the epic battle will not be considered when distributing any rewards. Any rewards that player could have earned will not be distributed to the remaining members.

The Estoc Trials

After returning from the desert, wielding the legendary Estoc, Arkosa, daughter of King Darius, slew her father and took the throne. Her first act as queen was initiating the Estoc Trials. From that day forward, the innocent blood of the Damascene people would stain the memory of the king forever...
Read the entirety of the Estoc Trials backstory below.

What are the Estoc Trials?
The Estoc Trials are a series of regularly scheduled wars occurring throughout the week with various starting times to accommodate multiple time zones. The events are open to clans of various strengths and sizes; there may be restrictions on these numbers, which are announced at the beginning of each week. Once your clan signs up, we will attempt to match you with another clan of similar strength and size. There will also be special tournaments from time to time. Your goal is to work together with your fellow clan members to defeat an opposing clan in a timed war.

How to Join
1-Clan Admins must sign up their clan for the next available war.
2-Players will have to cast the opt-in spell; Wave of Conflict, found at the Alchemist’s, before match-up deadlines to be included. Casting it afterwards will not work.

*For Admins: When you sign up for an Estoc Trial, we will inform you of the number of players who have opted-in for that war.
*For Admins: If your clan members affect the qualified number of participants in any way (leaving the clan, casting Wave of Conflict, etc) and that number exceeds or falls below the requirements for the event, then your clan will be disqualified. It is up to you to manage your members and ensure that your clan meets the size requirements once matchups begin.

Players can join/leave a signed-up clan for up to 30 mins before the sign up deadline. After that, the clan roster becomes locked. If admins wish to modify the roster, they will have to cancel their sign-up, adjust their clan roster, then sign up again.

After the deadline passes, the roster is locked and no one can join/leave until the end of the war. However, players may join/leave should the clan end up with a no-match situation (for more information on no-match situations, please see the “No-Match Bonus Epic Battle” section below)

Wave of Conflict - Clarifications
The Wave of Conflict always opts you in for the first war within the next 24 hour period. Example:

War #1 - 1 hour from now
War #2 - 12 hours from now

Casting Wave of Conflict will only opt you in for War #1, not War #2. To opt-in for War #2, you have to cast it again after War #1 is over.

Schedule Details
Weekly Schedule: Please check the forums for specific information regarding war times and requirements as they are updated on a weekly basis.
Signup: 3 - 6 hours prior to War Start Time. This varies based on how close the wars are together.
Duration: 2 hours
Matchmaking: 2 hours prior to War Start Time (Must sign up before this, rosters lock at this point).
Activity Lock: Approximately 1 hour prior to the earliest War Start Time.
Start Time: This can vary up to 15 minutes. This will be reflected in your war timer.
Forfeit: All forfeits are disabled.

How to Win
The main objective of wars is to knock out enemy players. To do that, you need to reduce their soldiers and spies to 0 by attacking and spying on them. When the enemy is knocked out, they are invulnerable for 15 minutes. You are also able to knock yourself out by draining your soldiers and spies down to 0 at which point you will also be invulnerable for 15 minutes.

Winning wars will be determined by a scoring system called Plunder Score. Every player has their own Plunder Score which will increase whenever they generate plunder. When you knock out another player, you will loot part of their Plunder Score, thereby reducing it and increasing yours. If you knock yourself out, you will lose still lose a part of your Plunder Score to the enemy but that amount will be significantly smaller than if you had gotten knocked out.

At the end of the war, the team with the highest cumulative earned Plunder Score will win the Estoc Trial.

No-Match Bonus Epic Battle
Should you receive a no-match after signing up for an Estoc Trial, you'll be given two new spells: Rancor’s Vision and Rancor’s Curse to use in The Vanished Paladins Epic Battle. Rancor’s Vision lasts 30 minutes and will allow you to hit the 1st phase and trigger the main phase of the EB. Rancor’s Curse lasts 4 hours and will allow you to hit the main phase and complete the EB. If you leave your clan, you will lose your Rancor’s Curse. The reward for completing this? Mithril, of course! The amount awarded will not be the same as if you had warred, but it will at least help you prepare for your next battle.

We are doing this because we feel it is a fair compensation for players who receive a no-match. We expect all clans to war honourably. Thus, if clans are intentionally abusing this system by signing up with clans which will generate a no-match, they will receive a warning with an explanation as to what they need to adjust. If their behaviour does not change, we may:

* Exclude the clan from future Estoc Trials
* Remove Mithril earned and/or reset equipment enchanted using this Mithril

PLEASE, do not make the community lose out on this opportunity. We want to keep this Epic Battle available for all players who do not get a chance to war.

NOTE: It is vital that any admins launch this EB within 15 minutes of their clan’s no-match situation. Rancor’s Vision lasts 30 minutes and is necessary to trigger the EB. The duration of the spells and the difficulty of the EB has been tweaked to allow all types of clans to complete this EB exactly once and get their plunder and Mith payout.

Estoc's Edge - This will be given out to all winning clans. They will gain one level for winning, one level for losing. It lasts for 2 weeks and provides a bonus on all Epic Battle plunder and rewards. Should you decide to leave a clan, your Estoc’s Edge level will drop by 1 level. The maximum level is five.

Mithril - Mithril is the main payout of Estoc Trials. In the event of a no-match scenario, you can earn Mithril by completing the Vanished Paladins EB. Mithril payout is roughly dependent on the following formula:

Contribution = Mithril Spells cast + Attack Pots Spent + Defensive Pots you caused your opponents to use

Payout = Contribution + Your cut* of the sum of your opponent's contribution
*Your cut is determined by your involvement in the war

Mithril spells must be cast after you receive the notice to cast them and before the battle starts in order to be considered in the Mithril award formula. NOTE: You should wait until you’ve been matched-up before casting any Mithril spells so you don’t end up spending any unnecessary Mithril if no matches are found for you. The Vanished Paladins EB does not require any Mithril spells.

For the uses of Mithril, please check the forums for further information.

Rancor Level - Two levels awarded to all winners in the Rancor Wars. One level is removed from losers. No levels are lost when you leave a clan. They will expire in 2 weeks, however, if you sign up for a war and are put into the matchmaking process, your rancor level lasts for 2 more weeks (regardless of there being a match found or not). Note that in the later rounds, we may reward additional Rancor levels for winning.

Based on your Rancor Level, you will be eligible for the Vanished Paladin equipment rewards, given out at the conclusion of the season. They are given out as follows:

Rancor Level 50 (MAX): 6 pieces of equipment
Rancor Level 40-49: 5 pieces of equipment
Rancor Level 30-39: 4 pieces of equipment
Rancor Level 20-29: 3 pieces of equipment
Rancor Level 10-19: 2 pieces of equipment
Rancor Level 1-9: 1 piece of equipment

Rancor Fury - This is an achievement given out to players at the conclusion of the Rancor Wars. The higher your Rancor level, the higher your level of achievement.

Rancor Level 50 (MAX): Level 5
Rancor Level 40-49: Level 4
Rancor Level 30-39: Level 3
Rancor Level 15-29: Level 2
Rancor Level 1-14: Level 1

We make the best attempts to create good matchups for all the clans that sign up. However, there will be situations where we simply cannot find a clan that matches yours. These No-match scenarios are unfortunate but we feel that no-matches are better than an unfair matching where potions, Mithril, and time can be lost. For that, we have created the Vanished Paladins EB (explained above) which provides a fair compensation.

The Story of the Estoc Trials
The first Estoc Trials were held in the desert city of Damas, to honor the great king, Darius. Darius was a benevolent king, and his reign over Damas was long and peaceful…until the birth of his daughter Arkosa.

Arkosa was as fierce and unyielding as a sandstorm. She would disappear into the desert for days at a time, returning wind-blown and spent, her long hair tangled and full of sand. Arkosa never spoke of her time in the desert, but when questioned, her eyes would flare with an ancient hunger.

Soon the Damascene people came to see Arkosa as a harbinger of some great, inexplicable power. Even Darius ceased to view his daughter as a flesh and blood being—her vitality was too great.

When Arkosa returned from the desert for a final time, the sun had left its mark—her hair was bleached white and her skin burnt red, and in her hands rested a sleek longsword of blue, translucent glass. The Damascenes knew at once: it was the Estoc.

Until that day, Darius had relegated the Estoc to myth, a mere story kept alive by the elders. But now, seeing the fabled sword in his daughter’s hands, Darius believed. The Estoc was real. A great change was at hand.

Darius rushed to embrace Arkosa. It was only after the Estoc pierced his chest that the king registered the lifeless look in his daughter’s eyes. Arkosa was no longer his daughter: she was of the desert now.

After the slaying of her father, Arkosa took the throne. Her first act as queen was initiating the Estoc Trials. From that day forward, the innocent blood of the Damascene people would stain the memory of the king forever...

The Legend of the Vanished Paladins

Long before the Mage uttered her fateful curse, an unusual incident befell the Red War Paladins…
It happened on a still, moonless night, when the faint rustle of the desert wind was the only sound to be heard. No shrieks pierced the noiseless night, yet in the morning, the captain awoke to discover five of his bravest soldiers gone—vanished without a trace.

The captain claimed the men fled of their own volition, they were cravens not worthy of the Paladin name. Yet inwardly, the captain knew this was a lie…
For the vanished knights were of the bravest stock—they had not fled, they had been taken.